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Chuck Kutscher, Ph. D. National Finalist

The CLEEN Project assembled 190 decarbonization ideas for the Biden administration. Board member Chuck Kutscher's submission on “Solar, Weatherization, and Electrification Package (SWEP) for Existing U.S. Homes” was one of just 3 finalists. Chuck proposes, a pilot program in which a subset of WAP-eligible buildings also receive a balanced package of low-embodied carbon energy efficiency measures. Together with financing mechanisms (such as a low-interest loan or a property-assessed clean energy, or PACE, program), this package will help establish the industry to cost-effectively convert homes from natural gas to electricity. Combining solar and electrification with weatherization up front is much more cost-effective than electrifying later. If funded, the proceeds would go to organizations that typically get funded by the Weatherization Assistance Program, like CEO and other state energy offices, with potential support from NREL. Contributor: Charles Kutscher, Ph.D.

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