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Be a Solar CitiSun Today

Yes!😎   If you're here, that means you either have solar or you like the idea of more renewables, energy storage and sustainability.   Keep going ... become a Solar CitiSun!

What does it take to be a Solar CitiSun?  It's easy, free and you don't even need to have solar on your home.  You are joining us to build a "knowledge community" about renewable energy and sustainability.   Just click this link and register for FREE so that we can keep you informed when renewable energy programs are in your area, when laws or regulations may be hotly debated, and when new important changes in technology arrive on the scene.   

We believe renewable energy has a future in Colorado as unlimited as our blue skies and sunshine. We were the first state to vote for a renewable energy standard through a popular vote. Coloradans overwhelmingly support more renewable energy and energy efficiency. Our energy system needs to grow and change to encourage renewable energy and other exciting new products and services such as batteries for storage. And we need a strong community of Solar CitiSuns to get involved in shaping the future! LIKE & FOLLOW US  on Facebook.

Solar CitiSuns: Colorado Takes Bold Steps in Energy Policy

5-30-19 energy bill signing.jpg
Bills Include: 
  • HB 1003, Community Solar Gardens Modernization Act

  • HB 1261, Climate Action Plan to Reduce Pollution

  • HB 1231, New Appliance Energy and Water Efficiency Standards

  • HB 1250, Building Energy Codes

  • HB 1272, Housing Authority Property in Colorado New Energy Improvement District

  • SB 236, Public Utilities Commission Re-authorization

  • SB 96, Collect Long-term Climate Change Data

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has announced a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2040 and legislators took big steps toward meeting that goal in the 3 previous legislative sessions.

Polis signed seven major new laws in 2019 at a ceremony at a Sunshare community solar garden in Arvada. The new laws will help the state transition more quickly to renewables by expanding access to community solar projects, ensure greater efficiency in appliances and buildings, and require reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. One of the most important provisions requires the Public Utilities Commission to consider the social cost of carbon- how pollution affects health and the environment- in making future decisions about energy sources.

Many of the new laws will require the participation of Solar CitiSuns to make them work well. They will include the drafting of new rules at the Air Quality Control Commission, the Public Utilities Commission and other state agencies. Involved CitiSuns will be critical to enacting strong rules.

Shown at left is Gov. Polis, flanked by legislators who sponsored these important energy bills, at the signing ceremony.

Clean Energy Means Business ... and Jobs


Colorado’s energy system needs to evolve to encourage renewable energy and other new products and services­­ such as solar panels, batteries for storage and technology to increase our electrical system’s security and resiliency. Coloradans want more energy independence and the opportunity to have more choices. New Energy Colorado seeks to help provide education and outreach on how the energy system functions today, what barriers utilities are putting in the way of progress, and how the public can have a bigger voice in deciding our energy future.


Since 2004, more than 30,000 Coloradans have gone solar, using their own resources to put panels on their homes and businesses to take advantage of unlimited clean energy from the sun. Colorado now ranks 9th in the nation in installed solar capacity with 540 MW currently installed­­ enough to power 103,000 homes. More than 400 solar companies employ more than 5,000 Coloradans across the state.

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