Solar Panels on the Western Slope
Solar Panels on the Western Slope
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CERV Install with Marc & John
CERV Install with Marc & John
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Home on the Solar Home Tour
Home on the Solar Home Tour

A self­-guided tour of your sustainable community!

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Rooftop Solar Panels in Denver
Rooftop Solar Panels in Denver
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CSP Plant
CSP Plant

Concentrating Solar Power plants use mirrors & steam turbines to generate energy.

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What We Do

New Energy Colorado, is a non-profit with deep roots in Colorado’s solar and environmental communities. We work to provide education on energy issues to citizens as a 501(c)(3) non‐profit organization. We believe that an informed citizenry, who we are organizing as Solar CitiSuns, will play a vital role in the transformation from centralized fossil fuel energy to a system built on renewables and more customer choice.

Below are programs our organization supports and we hope you will also. We invite you to join us!

Meet our Board

New Energy Colorado is governed by a board of directors under bylaws filed with the state of Colorado. Current directors are:


John BringenbergPresident

Rebecca Cantwell­, Vice­ President

John AvensonSecretary 

Linda Marcolina, ­ Treasurer



Jo-Ann Herrick

Nancy Kellogg

Chuck Kutscher

Jana Mohrman

Mark Nimlos

Stephen Sargent

Sheila Townsend

Martin Voelker

It's easy to support us when you shop on:

Contact New Energy Colorado
P.O. Box 1154 Golden, CO

Please send your tax deductible contributions to support our work to the address above, or on the PayPal donate button on the home page.

For more information, email us at

Solar CitiSuns

Overwhelming majorities of Coloradans want more solar energy. Yet these passionate residents–whom we call Solar CitiSuns–have had little opportunity until now to build a community that can grow into a powerful voice to advance solar policy. Colorado was a leader in launching the movement toward solar energy but we are now falling behind other states with more advanced policies. Solar CitiSuns is a community of folks who may have already installed solar on their homes and businesses, or who simply want to promote the use of more solar.


This community will allow residents to compare notes via social media, learn about solar‐themed events, and get educated about how to participate effectively at the Public Utilities Commission, at the legislature, or in front of local governments. Sign up today to become a Solar CitiSun–it’s free and easy and will put you in touch with thousands of like‐minded Coloradans!

Annual Metro Denver Green Homes Tour
The Tour has been in the Denver area for twenty-three years, with similar events in all fifty other states. This year’s self-guided tour coincides with the National Tour of Solar Homes and features homes that demonstrate a wide range of strategies from remodeling options to full-on passive solar design to an entire community focused on clean, efficient energy. Spend an hour or a full day exploring both new homes and homes that have a history of performance in Arvada, Denver, Golden & foothills, Littleton, and Westminster.


Other Environmental Activities


Golden Earth Days, the predecessor organization to New Energy Colorado, worked for a quarter century on a variety of local environmental initiatives including clean­ups of Clear Creek Canyon, tree­planting campaigns and other activities. Those who spearheaded these activities intend to continue under the New Energy Colorado name. 

Male Speaker



New Energy Colorado is fortunate to have board members with deep expertise on a variety of topics who are willing to speak to a variety of groups and use these appearances as a way to market Solar CitiSuns.  Among the topics that board members can address: Climate Change and the Urgency for Action; Solar Energy Policy Needed for the Next Steps; Renewable Heating Opportunities and Challenges; Energy Efficiency Measures – low cost and no cost- for Your Home or Business; How to Decide Whether Going Solar is Right for You; Colorado Policy Advances and how the Energy Landscape will Change.  See More under Resources

To Request a Speaker email request and pertinents to